What can you do with an old pair of jeans?

We all know that jeans are a must in every wardrobe. They are worn almost everywhere and have been with us for decades in an ever-changing array of styles and finishes. Jean companies pick up on trends from the past or introduce totally new innovations like stretch fabrics to make new styles every year.

The question is ‘What to do with them after you … well … have moved on from those old uglies?’

We want to know what you do with them.  If you enter our contest your name may be drawn for a $150 Gift Certicate at Plum, PLUS, a $25 GC for a friend!

How do you reuse, recycle, repurpose, or reinvent your old jeans?
I make carpets out them
I give them to my little sister, room mate, mother etc.
I make shorts out of them
I throw them in the garbage
I line the dog's bed with them
I send them to a charitable organization
I store them for my daughter for when she grows up
I keep them forever
Write-in another way to use old jeans!


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