PLUM - Summer 2017






This is a sampling of what we have in store. Visit us to see more colours and styles.

DOUBLE Asymmetric Tank Top (sale $19)
NEW MODE Broad Stripe Off Shoulder Blouse (sale $22)
ELLISON Cotton Embroidered Blouse (sale $39)
ELLISON Crinkle Paisley Print Ruffle Blouse (sale $29)
W+M Vneck Seamed Knit Top (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Chicken Doing Yoga (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Cat & Book (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE London Cats (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Framed Cats (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Bubble Gum Dog (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Skull with Roses (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Inhale Exhale (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Cats on Lemon (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Tattoo Cat (sale $22)
MARONIE VNeck Knit Top Stripe (sale $18)
ACAPELLA Tie Front Blouse (sale $22)
CREAM Giola Blouse Flutter Sleeve (sale $29)
CREAM Chima Lace Edged Cami (sale $32)
DREAMERS T-Shirt with Rivets Grommets (sale $22)
ORB Maja Stripe Off Shoulder Fitted T-Shirt (sale $18)
PRESS Victorian Style Shell Top (sale $25)
ACAPELLA Embroidered Sleeveless Blouse (sale $22)
WINK WINK Cap Sleeve T-Shirt (sale $22)
DOUBLE ZERO Sleeveless Hoody (sale $22)
Z SUPPLY Racer Back Tank Burnout (Cotton/Poly) (sale $19)
CREAM Lace Edged Cami (sale $19)
WINK WINK T-Shirt Criss Cross Back Straps (sale $19)
CREAM Zina Pintucked Blouse (sale $39)
ACAPELLA Cap Sleeve V-Neck Blouse (sale $19)
VERY J Choker Knit Top (sale $16)
VERY J Deep Vneck Knit Top (sale $16)
DOUBLE ZERO Crossover Crop Knit Top (sale $29)
Z SUPPLY Pocket T-Shirt Burnout (sale $14)
ORB Jac Elbow Sleeve V-neck T-shirt (sale $19)
ELLISON Crewneck Open Back Knit Top (sale $22)
SOYA CONCEPT Pullover Tunic Blouse (sale $28)
ACAPELLA Double Layer Sleeveless Blouse (sale $22)
PLUM Short Sleeve Lace Top (sale $18)
SOYA CONCEPT Stripe Turtleneck Knit Top (sale $19)
ORB Kelti Mesh V-neck Knit Top (sale $22)
PLUM Draped Front Cardigan (sale $24)
WINK WINK Stripped V-Neck T-Shirt (sale $24)
ACAPELLA Capsleeve Pullover Blouse (sale $22)
POINT ZERO Ribbed Burntout Crewneck T-shirt (sale $18)
PLUM Ribbed Tank Top (sale $9)
BEAR DANCE Pugs Doing Yoga
BEAR DANCE Wolf and Riding Hood
BEAR DANCE Cat on a Throne
BEAR DANCE I Need a Vacation
BEAR DANCE Little Red Wolf Rider
BEAR DANCE Little Red Wolf Rider
ELLISON Ruffle Blouse
SOYA CONCEPT Reverse Stripe Tank Top (sale $17)
SOYA CONCEPT Stripe Shell Top (sale $34)
DOUBLE Twist Front Vneck Knit Top (sale $27)
DOUBLE Capsleeve Knit Top (sale $19)
SOYA CONCEPT Dessert Love Print Shell Top (sale $24)
SNEAK PEEK Button Up Rolled Capsleeve Blouse (sale $22)
EN CREME Lace Insert Blouse (sale $22)
CATWALK Embroidered Blouse Silk/Viscose (sale $49)
SOYA CONCEPT Blouse w/ Split Shoulder/Lace Insert (sale $29)
ON TWELFTH Gathered Tie Blouse (sale $25)
ON TWELFTH Lace Edged Shell Top (sale $28)
M Capsleeve Aline Silk Blouse (sale $32)
ELLISON Style Frayed Blouse T-shirt (sale $32)
SOYA CONCEPT Shell Top Capsleeves (sale $29)
EMMA'S CLOSET Capsleeve Side Slit Knit Cardigan (sale $29)
FRENCH Lace Yoked Knit Top (sale $28)
BEAR DANCE Talk to the Paw Human (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Cat with Sombrero
BEAR DANCE One Cat Away From Crazy (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Sloth with Bottle
BEAR DANCE I do What I Want Tank
BEAR DANCE Never Trust A Man (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Alice Wonderland
BEAR DANCE Red Sneakers
BEAR DANCE Sloth on Empire State Bldg.
BEAR DANCE Cats in Volkswagen Van (sale $22)
BEAR DANCE Musical Note Cat Print
BEAR DANCE Oh For Fox Sake
BEAR DANCE Sushi Chef Cat (sale $22)
CREAM Sheer Embroidered Blouse (sale $39)
LAZY Thermal Knit Open Cardigan (sale $35)
ELLISON Stripe Vneck Knit Top (sale $29)
MARONIE Hooded Sweatshirt (sale $24)
NEW MODE Bird Print Ruffle Front Sleeveless Blouse (sale $45)
MARONIE Lightweight Knit Top (sale $18)
PRESS Printed Button Up Pin Dot Blouse (sale $34)
ACAPELLA Oversized Cap Sleeve Blouse (sale $22)
ACAPELLA Popover Shell Top (sale $22)
KAFFE Mini Heart Cotton Shirt (sale $29)
KW Rayon Graphic Kimono with Tassels (sale $21)
KAFFE Striped Crewneck T-Shirt (sale $22)
PRESS Mixed Media Shell Top (sale $38)
FRENCH Back Pleated Blouse (sale $39)
ORB Jessie Short Sleeve Slub Jersey T-Shirt (sale $19)
NANAVATEE Drape Front Knit Cardigan (sale $26)
VERY J Longsleeve Side Tie Blouse (sale $18)
PLUM Button Down Blouse (sale $42)
PLUM Tank Top Washed Linen (sale $29)
M 2 Piece Silk/Viscose Blouse (sale $36)
SOYA CONCEPT Print Bird Blouse Border (sale $29)
SOYA CONCEPT 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Knit Top (sale $22)
CREAM Rosemary T-Shirt Tie Back (sale $42)
M Button Front Shell Yoke Detail (sale $28)
WINK WINK Crewneck Pocket Tank Top (sale $16)
KW Tie Front Knit Top (sale $27)
CREAM Sunai Knit Cardigan (sale $34)
VERY J Open Tie Sleeve Knit Top (sale $18)
CREAM Vera Blouse Sleeveless Pintucked (sale $32)
KW Jersey Knotted Knit Top (sale $19)
KW Knotted Melange Knit Top (sale $24)
ACAPELLA V-Neck Blouse With Back Overlap (sale $25)
POINT ZERO Long Open Front Cardigan (sale $25)
SOYA CONCEPT Hoody Sweat Top (sale $29)
POINT ZERO Long Rolled Sleeve Slub Knit Top (sale $34)
POINT ZERO Cold Shoulder Embroidered Blouse (sale $28)
VERTY Short Sleeve Beaded Top (sale $44)
BLVD Embroidered Blouse (sale $39)
SNEAK PEAK Check Tencel Shirt (sale $39)
ELLISON Off Shoulder Blouse (sale $22)
SNEAK PEAK Button Up Shirt (sale $22)
ELLISON VNeck Capsleeve Stripe Knit Top (sale $39)
SNEAK PEAK Plaid Shirt (sale $32)
SNEAK PEAK Plaid Shirt (sale $32)
POINT ZERO Striped Woven Shell Lace Back (sale $35)
ELLISON Slouchy Knit Tunic (sale $26)
POINT ZERO Capsleeve Plaid Shirt (sale $49)
POINT ZERO Capsleeve T-shirt w/ Shoulder Lace (sale $29)
SNEAK PEEK Tencil Denim Shirt (sale $39)
ACAPELLA Elbow Sleeve Blouse (sale $44)
POINT ZERO Pigment Dyed Capsleeve Blouse (sale $30)
POINT ZERO Embroidered Blouse Crochet Insert (sale $29)
MICHELLE California Print T-Shirt (sale $28)
ACAPELLA Jewel Neck Blouse (sale $22)
SOYA CONCEPT Cotton Voile Printed Blouse
ACAPELLA Oversized Open Shawl (sale $39)
WINK WINK Knit Top With Side Tie (sale $22)
ORB Kerria Shell Top Insert Lace (sale $32)
ORB Milea Ribbed Long Sleeve Cropped Knit Top (sale $19)
ACAPELLA 3/4 Sleeve Blouse (sale $25)
WINK WINK 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Top (sale $34)
WINK WINK Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt (sale $29)
WINK WINK Cap Sleeve T-Shirt (sale $19)
PURSUE New York Pug T-Shirt (sale $19)
PLUM Boat Neck T-SHirt With Elbow Sleeves (sale $18)
PLUM Boat Neck T-SHirt With Elbow Sleeves (sale $18)
M Striped Tunic Shirt (sale $34)
POINT ZERO Knit Print Henley (sale $30)
POINT ZERO Hooded Space Dye Knit Top (sale $39)
POINT ZERO Burnout Waterfall Cardigan (sale $24)
POINT ZERO Tank Top 2X2 Rib Burnout (sale $15)
KW Embroidered Poncho (sale $22)
POINT ZERO Henley Long Sleeve T-Shirt (sale $18)
LUMIERE Stripe Knit Tunic (sale $19)
WINK WINK Tank Top With Curved Hem (sale $44)

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