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Plum's Designer Claudia Agusti in the Calgary Herald

Tuesday Mar. 11 2008

An exerpt from the March 11, Calgary Herald.

by Joanne Sasvari
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CALGARY - Claudia Augusti is the Plum woman.

"I often feel like I am designing for myself," she says. "I really am the Plum customer. At the end of the day, that woman is me."

For the past three years, the former Calgarian has been the head designer -- in fact, the only in-house designer -- for the popular Western Canadian retail chainlet.

"I love it. I do," Augusti says. "Not to say that it's not a challenging job."

Her name may not be on Plum's house label, but each garment bears her style, her savvy and her attention to detail.

And that makes her more successful than thousands of other hopeful designers whose dreams of international fame have faded like a once-trendy vinyl handbag.

Best of all, Augusti has found success without sacrificing either her ideals or a balanced life.

"Most designers I know are so into that designer world 24/7," she says. "But even though I love fashion and I love my job, I want to be able to walk away from it."

Not, of course, that she's ever going to walk far away.

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