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At a Plum store, we will ask you for a few types of contact information. This is how they are used:

  • name - You're not just a number to us. We want to call you by name, so we ask you for it.
  • phone - At a Plum store, we keep track of your Plum history with your phone number. Additionally, you can opt-in to our phone sale notification - these are infrequent, currently once or twice per year.
  • email - Plum is our primary way of contacting you outside of our stores. The once or twice per month emails consist of offers and notices from us to you - some are exclusive to our list.
  • mail address - Plum occasionally sends information and offers by mail. Also, the mail address is used to select recipients for offers that are geographically specific.
  • Your change request is not automatically processed. It will be manually entered within a few weeks of your request. You can also make the change the next time you are in a Plum store.

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