Plum - Plum Owners Interviewed for the May 19, 2015, Vancouver Sun



Plum Owners Interviewed for the May 19, 2015, Vancouver Sun

Tuesday May. 19 2015

Plum owners Ed des Roches and Katie O'brien were interviewed for the May 19 Vancouver Sun. Photos of our Plum pencil skirt, and Tobia linen jacket with patch pockets were included in the accompanying article.

“A few years ago we asked about Casual Fridays and found that many people wish it were dead — and for many companies it is all but dead — because it was either abused or just so confusing that people did not actually know what to wear,” says des Roches. “Employees would dress too revealing sometimes and downright slovenly at other times. There didn’t seem to be any winners and lots of confusion.”

But what Casual Fridays did do was show that there was a different way to dress for work — not just for the workplace, but for the actual job itself.

“People commented that they dressed one way for meeting clients, other ways for meeting with the boss or head office, and other ways when doing team work,” des Roches says, adding that they were also acutely aware of the impression they made on their colleagues. “They never wanted to compete with their boss when dressing nor did they want to intimidate their fellow workers.”


For O’Brien a black, a fitted three-piece suit (jacket, pant and skirt) in a classic style and a seasonless fabric is the very best investment. “The jacket has become the go to piece over everything from sheath dress for evening to a topper for skinny jeans on the weekend,” she says.

Read the full article, Savvy style: How to navigate summer’s work wardrobe, by Joanne Sasvari, here. Or on page B9-11 of the hard copy edition.

The accompanying article includes images of some Plum merchandise, including our Plum skirt and Tobias jacket, here.



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