Plum - Dress For Success Vancouver interviews Ed Des Roches, Owner of Plum Clothing



Dress For Success Vancouver interviews Ed Des Roches, Owner of Plum Clothing

Wednesday Mar. 18 2015


Dress For Success Vancouver, an organization that Plum has been proud to work with for many years interviews Ed Des Roches, one of the owners of Plum.


As Dress for Success Vancouver celebrates its 15th year of operation, we couldn’t forget about the men behind DFS Vancouver who have supported us over the years. The first spotlight in our ‘A Few Good Men’ series is Ed Des Roches, owner of Plum Clothing. Ed was our first official retail and corporate sponsor the year we opened, and graciously continues to sponsor us today. Over the years Ed has sat on our Board of Directors and has generously gifted gift cards and support to the organization.

How did you start getting involved with Dress for Success Vancouver?

Astrid spoke to me before she started Dress for Success in Vancouver. We’d never met before so it was a cold call. She told me about her ideas for DFS Vancouver and it sounded interesting so I said I would help as a sponsor.

Was there a reason why it spoke to you?

Dress for Success Vancouver sounded like something that would appeal to my customers. We put some parameters around sponsorship for our company because we were being approached for support from many organizations. Big Sisters and DFS Vancouver matched perfectly with what we thought our customers would support.

How does it feel to be a sponsor for 15 years?

It feels pretty good! It’s a good organization...

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