Plum - Plum in the January 16, 2013 Vancouver Sun



Plum in the January 16, 2013 Vancouver Sun

Thursday Jan. 31 2013

Plum's buyer, Katie O'Brien, was interviewed for the feature article in the Arts and Life section of the January 16th Vancouver Sun.


“For me investing in great quality and great fit will see these pieces outlive all the throw-out, one-wear items that are everywhere in fast fashion outlets today,” says Katie O’Brien, the buyer and merchandiser for Plum stores. “It doesn’t have to be cheap to be frugal.”

And remember that the number that counts isn’t the cost of the item, but the cost per wear. As O’Brien says: “When you buy well-made items, they will go the distance and end up being so much less expensive when you consider the per wear cost.

Read the entire 3 page article, Savvy Style: Frugal & Fabulous, here.


Simone Dress from Plum pictured above.

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