Plum - Jackets are now designed and worn with attitude



Jackets are now designed and worn with attitude

Wednesday Oct. 19 2011


Plum Press release

October 19, 2011


“Jackets are now designed and worn with attitude,” says Plum co-owner Katie O’Brien.  “They are the hot item for the street and the office this fall!” 

 “The Tobias military jacket has been our hottest seller this season,” says O’Brien.  “We have had to do three cuttings already because we can’t keep them in stock!”

 “Last year the ‘boyfriend’ jacket blew out of the stores so this year we have added more new styles.  Customers love the versatility of a jacket,” say O’Brien.

 Plum’s 2011 Fall Tobias jacket collection is classy when dressed up or dressed down for the casual lifestyle in the west.

 “The jacket pulls a look together because it is the crowning piece … so it cannot be shoddily made,” says Plum’s in-house designer Claudia Agusti.  “Inside details, like striped lining and piping, are important to the owner even if they aren’t normally seen by others.”

 “Jackets have to fit right as well,” says Agusti, “and we have spent years perfecting our fits.” 

 “If you want a garment to be made the way it was designed then you have to pay attention to the details, and that is why we have our Tobias jackets made in Vancouver where we can watch every step,” says Agusti.  “Customers can then be proud of their investment by wearing it everywhere.”

 The ‘Tobias’ label is Plum’s in house brand and along with their ‘Simone’ dress line is proudly produced in Vancouver.

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