Plum - Dresses have become more popular than ever!



Dresses have become more popular than ever!

Tuesday Mar. 30 2010


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March 2010

Dresses have become more popular than ever!

The Simone dress line is a huge success!  “Some of our styles have sold out already and spring has barely begun … we can hardly keep them in stock,” says owner and merchandiser Katie O’Brien.

Simone dresses are designed and produced exclusively by Plum.  Customers are aware that Plum makes relatively few of each style so are quick to buy when they find something they love.  “The popularity of our dresses and career appropriate clothing is something our design department is very proud of,” says O’Brien.

There are dresses for every lifestyle and every body type.  “Customers have found that a dress is the easiest thing to reach for in the morning; it can reflect your mood, make you look sensational and elevate your spirits,” says Plum designer Claudia Agusti.

Agusti has built a reputation locally for her Simone designs.  “Personally, I love designing dresses the most.  I get my inspiration everywhere; celebrities, travel, fashion magazines and sometimes from the past,” says Agusti. “Some of our dresses have a ‘60’s feel to them … like the Jackie O’ era with fitted silhouettes and narrow belts and even some cheeky leopard prints … it has been a lot of fun.” 

Not only are the designs created for the local customer but the Plum dresses are also locally made.  “By producing locally we find that we can stay closer to the current trends, manage quality production and not have to be concerned with working standards in foreign countries.  And because we sell directly through our stores we can be competitively priced,” says O’Brien.

The dress designs are exclusive to Plum, which is one of the reasons they are so popular with customers.  Most women find extra value in having something a little special about what they wear. 

O’Brien says, “Fashion today is fast and furious; with international retailers offering a wild assortment of styles that are cheaply mass produced in throw-away fabrics.  But some customers find this to be false economy. It takes time to find a dress that you love and that fits you well.  When you do find it, you want to wear it all the time.”  

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