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Dressing for your Body

Clothes have an intrinsic relationship with women’s bodies. Fashion designers create styles with the human figure in mind. Then, when a woman puts those clothes on, it affects how she feels about herself and her body. When something looks good on her, she may not know exactly why but the outfit makes her feel more like herself, more proud of her physique and the way she is looks. 


No two bodies are the same so no style of clothing will fit the same. When stylists pick clothes for clients, they consider what works for a woman’s own body. By having fitted garments and styles that work for her individual build, the stylist transforms a person’s appearance. But the reality is anyone can look good if they accept and dress the body that they have. 

Dressing for the body is a process of self-acceptance. When a woman finds out what works for her figure, she discovers more about herself. Because it’s about emphasizing what beautiful attributes she was born with, she learns to accept herself for who she is and how she looks. It isn’t about the size on the tag and it isn’t about wearing styles and trends that don’t work for her. When a woman knows what elements in fashion detract from or highlight what makes her innately attractive, she is able to dress with purpose. In rethinking the way she chooses and buys clothing, she changes the way she expresses herself with what she wears. There’s no telling what clothes can do for her confidence and this shift is where it starts. 

When we read about dressing for your body type in mass media, industry insiders often refer fashion styles to the shape our body makes, but dressing for your body is so much more than shape. There are five elements to consider: scale, proportion, line, texture and shape. By matching these five elements in the design of the clothes a person wears with their body’s natural design, their appearance is more harmonious. At the forefront of her image is her beauty. In other words, people notice the person more than the clothes they wear. 

But these elements aren’t hard and fast rules--the five elements of dressing for the body are tools. In selecting clothes, a person may notice that they are only using one or two of the elements of a garment’s design to match up with their figure, and that is okay. The idea is to understand the effects on a person’s appearance and then select the elements that make it work for them. 

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