It is a sad strategy because you could be missing out on how to find clothes that bring out the best in you and your body and instead are buying clothes to cover up yourself.

Plum has been helping women get the most from their clothes for over 30 years so we feel pretty sure of ourselves when it comes to dressing with purpose.

There is much to love about fashion and a little we hate. But dressing isn’t really about fashion. Dressing is about personality, individual style and above all self awareness. It is the self awareness that intrigues us the most when it comes to helping women discover their individual style.

Why do some women always look so pulled together regardless of their body size? They seem to have an understanding of what things suit them. They look like they know what they want out of life and aware of who they are and proud of it! These women even look healthier and certainly seem happier.

We have studied the elements of dressing and have discovered some core principles that we think are important to choosing the right clothing. Self awareness is a discovery process of knowing and understanding your body, your colouring and your personality. So that is where we are going to start. This section of our website is a simplified version of years of working with customers in our stores and teaming up with one of Vancouver’s best personal stylists, Katherine Lazaruk.

Over the next several months we are going to roll out to you what we have discovered so we want you to stay with us through the process. We may even ask for your help along the way so our customers can learn to shop with purpose.

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