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Some Recent Customer Feedback on our Dresses

Plum regularly asks for feedback from our subscribers about their recent purchases at Plum.  We've collected some of the recent comments about our exclusive to Plum, Simone dresses.

I was pleased beyond words when my daughter realized that Plum carried such a wide variety of styles that appeal to all ages. She is very particular as to what styles she will wear and when she saw THE dress on, I'm sure the earth stopped rotating for a moment!

I LOVE IT. I've had more compliments at work on clothes I have bought at Plum in the last two weeks than in the last several years. Finally dresses are back! I have been waiting for at least six years for dresses to come back into style. Keep up the great work Plum.

I like the fact that the clothing I purchased is designed and made in Canada and I like to support I like the styling. the dress I tried on fit to a tee and was very flattering...I had no choice but to buy it...

LOVED the dresses. Nice structure and liked that there were no alterations necessary.

I love that there is always a good selection of dresses, and in larger sizes (14 or XL) and that you can wear with a bra. This is always impossible to find and every time I wear a dress from Plum everyone asks me where I got it.

I was pleasantly surprised with the styles in Plum for the fall season. Very stylish pencil skirts and fitted dresses. I have purchased many items this fall and have had very nice comments on all of them. I have been asked all the time where do I shop.

I was cheerfully greeted (but not that fake cheerful) when I went into Plum. I looked around for a minute and then the young lady came over to ask what I was looking for. I told her and she asked questions about what it was for, what colors/styles did I like, etc. She found probably 8 dresses for me to try (which considering I am not a size 2 and am quite busty is a challenge) and she was extremely helpful. The dress I bought was one I would have never picked out for myself. She was VERY helpful and friendly, as was the other lady working at the time. And I have had nothing but compliments about the dress!

I love my dress!!!! Thanks so much!

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