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Plum's Designer Talks about Dresses at Plum


We asked Plum's Designer, Claudia Agusti, to answer some questions about Simone dresses, "the fit", local design and manufacturing, and more.

Why do you think Plum dresses are so popular?
I think customers love the fact that our dresses can only be found at Plum.  Once they try on a dress they realize that it fits better than most dresses available today and of course they are affordable.

Why do Simone dresses fit better?
It takes a great deal of care and attention to detail to get a dress to fit correctly … there is no ‘fast’ way of doing it.  Our design team uses a fit model who is not like a runway model, she is a real person with real proportions.  She is more of an ‘average’ customer – and she ‘tells’ us if it fits.  Our pattern maker has many years of experience and we make many samples.  We also have women in our design department that range in size from 2 to 14 who give us constant feedback.

Why do you make the dresses locally instead of off-shore like so many other companies?
Plum wants to make sure we have the best quality at every step in the process and you can only do that if you are watching first hand.  Also to be honest we are proud that we produce here in Canada … we wish we could produce all of our clothing in Canada but it just isn’t realistic.   

What is the most exciting thing about the dresses from a designer's perspective?
Wearing them of course!  Just kidding.  I love the whole process; from trips to NYC and LA where we pick the prints and fabrics to actually creating the designs.  I get my inspiration from magazines, television and travel.  I especially love hearing customers tell us how much they love our Simone dresses.   

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