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Plum is Proudly Canadian


Proudly Canadian
  1. Canadian made: Much of Plum merchandise is designed by our in-house designer, Claudia Agusti, and produced right here in Vancouver by highly skilled seamstresses in the best factories.
  2. We show you what is made in Canada: We put "designed and made in Canada" hangtags on garments to make it easy to identify the products that we make in Canada.
  3. Off shore competition and duties: At Plum, we have always made every effort to produce as much as possible in Canada. It is becoming increasingly difficult. Competition with low labour costs for off shore production coupled with Canadian duties on imported fabrics means that we are under continuous pressure to go off shore ourselves.
  4. Local production means better quality: Plum staff oversee every detail of the production to ensure top quality garments that we are proud to sell. We exercise a great deal of control over the quality and workmanship of our own Canadian made products.
  5. High employment standards: Plum assures our customers that the factories we use are meeting Canadian standards of employment. This is important to us and to our customers.
  6. Plum designs: There is increasing competition by international chains on every major street in BC and Alberta. However, we at Plum have the advantage of offering unique designs to our customers. Our Plum, Tobias, and Simone designs are exclusive to Plum.
  7. Unique designs and limited production quantities: Generally speaking, only 160 to 240 units of our clothing styles are produced. We usually produce fewer than 1,000 units of our T-shirts. These are distributed among our 7 stores. This makes the products that we sell very unique, unlike the massive production runs of the chain stores.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact us.
Plum is proud to be a Canadian company.

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